General Report Company position report.
Business responsibilities/activities.
Products nad services.
Sales and marketing.
Scientific and research activities.
Human-friendly technology.
Events in 2012.
Company performance.
2012 financial highlights.
Information for shareholders.

Social Report Ericsson Nikola Tesla - a socially responsible Company.
Key stakeholders.
Areas of corporate social responsibility.
Economic sustainability.
Corporate social responsibility as an integral part of business strategy.
Working environment.
Market relations.
Corporate governance.
Environmental protection.
Community relations.
Awards and recognitions.

Financial Statements Company profile.
Responsibilities of the Management and Supervisory Boards for the preparation and approval
of the annual consolidated financial statements.
Independent Auditor’s Report to the shareholders of Ericsson Nikola Tesla d.d.
Consolidated statement of comprehensive income.
Consolidated statement of financial position.
Consolidated statement of changes in equity.
Consolidated statement of cash flows.
Notes to the consolidated financial statements.