35 Years of Ericsson Nikola Tesla in Split – A Story of Success

Ericsson Nikola Tesla team from Split, ever since its establishment in 1982, with a group of five enthusiasts: Živana Mijačika, Vjeran Radatović, Ivo Radonić, Ivan Maslov and Igor Bojović, located at FESB, can definitely be pointed out as one of the excellent examples of high-quality growth and development of an ICT company in Split-Dalmatia County. With a reputable R&D center and teams holding global responsibilities in important areas, ETK in Split is a full member of Ericsson community, and has earned its status through the quality and dedication of its employees.
These days, we celebrate 35 years from its establishment and welcome the 500th member of the team.
On the occasion, Gordana Kovačević, president of the company, sincerely congratulated the team from Split and said the following:
“I would like to thank all the colleagues in Split for their enormous contribution. Certainly, for us in Ericsson Nikola Tesla, there are no two ETKs – there is one great team of experts, who relentlessly search for new solutions and contribute to our good results.
It gives mi special pleasure to note that we have the largest R&D center in Dalmatia and that we are one of the few companies that offer young and highly educated experts quality jobs in ICT, ensure their development as well as stimulating conditions right at their doorstep. This has made us long exceed our importance on the local level both in business and technological sense as we send a clear message to the broader community how to be competitive, stable, and successful.”

Ericsson Nikola Tesla SplitThe specificity of this jubilee lies in the fact that the Split team has just employed its 500th expert. By comparison, when we celebrated 30 years of ETK in Split, there were “only” 264 employees in this team.

The 500th member of the team Ivo Ivanišević was welcomed by Dean Marušić, who is in charge of Ericsson Nikola Tesla’s business activities in Split. He used the occasion to thank all the colleagues in Split on great results and their work.
“We are proud of our continuity and accomplishments over the 35 years. Our success is not accidental; everyone in the team is aware of their responsibility and role in creating a perspective future, and they continuously work on the development of their competences. With a stimulating innovation culture and team work, we continue to successfully collaborate with other Ericsson centers, provide high-quality support to customers, as well as nourish fruitful relationship with academia, namely with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture (FESB).
We are known for our courage, or better say proactive approach, so we are chosen often to provide support regarding most demanding new responsibilities, complex projects and situations. I am convinced that in the time to come, we will have numerous opportunities to prove ourselves, and this team of experts has the knowledge and competence to continue delivering top results.”
Patrick Martin, director ETK R&D Center, shares positive impressions:
“The 35th anniversary, and growing to over 500 people in our Split site, are two huge milestones for the organisation. They have been made possible by the excellent and consistent performance of our engineers not only in Split but in the entire R&D organisation in ETK Croatia. It’s something we should all be proud of and I am sure, with a similar focus on performance and the business in the future, that there are very interesting times ahead for the site in Split and for R&D at ETK in general.”

Ivo IvaniševićIn light of such an enthusiastic welcome, the 500th employee Ivo Ivanišević expects that he too will develop his full potential in such a strong team.

“I graduated from the Faculty of Science (PMF), University of Zagreb. My major was Computer Science and Mathematics. After finishing my studies, I worked for four years on solutions for different platforms. Now, I will continue my career in Ericsson Nikola Tesla, where I intend to positively contribute to the society, and continue with my professional development.”