FESB Students Among Most Successful EIA 2017 Teams

At this year’s Ericsson Innovation Awards competition, a team of FESB students achieved an excellent result, entering the top one percent of teams, against tough international competition of over 900 teams.
A team of FESB studentsA team of FESB students under the name Flow Design, including Karlo Bosiljevac, Goran Ivandić, Mirko Borovac and Marko Bolijat, had the support of Matej Šalinović (department of electronics in Split), professor Branko Klarin, and Goran Gašparović, an expert from Ericsson Nikola Tesla; their mentors were experts from Ericsson Nikola Tesla—Toni Mastelić, Darko Huljenić and Hrvoje Hadžić.

Their idea was related to the grave problem of locust plagues in world’s poor regions. The idea proposes the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for detection and of drones for targeted spraying in the affected areas, which could address this burning issue in a significantly faster and cheaper manner, while at the same exerting less impact on the environment and human health. Important roles in this competition were played by our experts as well—Marko Bervanakis as a member of the organizing committee and a global mentor, and Saša Dešić as a member of the jury.

The excellent result achieved by the Croatian team, with the support of Ericsson Nikola Tesla, is another acknowledgment of the excellence of Croatian experts and innovations that are thoroughly integrated into the company’s culture. For many years, the synergy of innovations and work with students through Ericsson Nikola Tesla Summer Camp, has resulted in numerous useful projects, and the latest achievement at a global level is an additional acknowledgment of the Company’s engagement in working with students.

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