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Check your data required for dividend payment - online

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Referring to the dividend payment of Ericsson Nikola Tesla d.d. that will be executed by the Central Depository & Clearing Company Inc. (SKDD), we kindly ask you to activate as soon as possible a free online service My e-account, through which you can check whether you have a correct account for payment and data on the tax address, registered in the SKDD depository.


You can use the free My e-account service to check your data: account for payment, tax address, correspondence address, whether you have any outstanding dividend payments for Ericsson Nikola Tesla, account balance, status of account activities,...


PAYMENT ACCOUNT: The shareholders that do not have their own account for payment registered with the SKDD can enter data on their payment account themselves on the SKDD Internet page.

TAX ADDRESS: The shareholders whose tax address data are not entered correctly can enter the tax address themselves by logging in to My e-account. If in doubt as to what is your tax address, please contact relevant Tax Administration branch office.

If you have not activated the My e-account service yet, please activate it now, in just a few steps.


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