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After almost a decade of complex operation on two severs with two various platforms, the Company pages were unified in an up-to-date design and by applying new tools and can be reached at the new address: Over the past 15 years of the Company's web site existence, dating from the last century and the times when Ericsson Nikola Tesla pages were among the first in the Croatian public cyberspace, their content has been comprehensively adjusted several times to be in line with the modern design and structural trends, as evidenced by the attached illustration.


The content, appearance and structure of the pages you have accessed to, have been aligned with the Ericsson brand regulations. All Ericsson Nikola Tesla internet pages that have been published since the beginning of April 2013, are filed in the archive site and their contents are available with topics current and relevant in time of transfer to the new platform.

We believe that you will enjoy the new functionalities and “new face” of Ericsson Nikola Tesla Internet pages, and will have no difficulties in finding the information you may be searching for.

Communications and Web Team, Ericsson Nikola Tesla



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