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Sharing Good Practice in Project Management

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The International Project Management Association (IPMA) along with the Project Management Institute (PMI) is a global reference organization that gathers experts, enhances and certificates their competences and promotes the importance of top quality project management in the economy. It was one of the first workshops for young members of IPMA that was held in Ericsson Nikola Tesla, with an aim to get them familiar with a work in the Company Project Management unit (ETK PMO).

The Association pays a particular attention to education of future specialists. Therefore, they launched a project titled “Meet the Project Manager“, which will enable young members, students of the project management at Croatian Faculties and Colleges, to see the practice in live within the scope of the project management in successful companies. 
The introductory word was given to Saša Dešić, research and development manager, who presented the attendees a short history and business performance of the company. He underlined a very good collaboration with the scientific society and pointed out the importance of innovativeness.

Dean Dech, ETK PMO manager, presented the integrity of the process and tools of the Ericsson Nikola Tesla project management. It is about a determined frame that enables the company project managers and business teams members to achieve top results. In addition, he mentioned the complexity of a project manager’s role since it incorporates skills and competences from various aspects of business, performance and requires continuous competence development and lifelong education.

Dean Dech- Today, the project management means much more than the project management itself, and the implementation control within the set frames, but focus on business and financial segments. The project managers are expected to manage the customer operations through enhancement, recognition and spotting business opportunities. In addition, a project finances management turned into the organization finances management, expansion of sales, additional sales, profitability concern and cash flow, etc. All the listed requires a new and different approach to the project management. Thus, some new skills and competencies come to the forefront. During this joint gathering with young colleagues we have tried to share with them our knowledge and explain the challenges they will be faced with in their professional work if they decide to deal with the project managements, especially in the regulated corporation environment as it is the case with Ericsson Nikola Tesla - was the comment by Dean.
Đeni Dminić Varović and Nataša Demut presented their rich experience through answers to numerous questions. They agreed that it is necessary to have wide knowledge, communication and organizational skills, especially when it is about complex projects that involve several parties, demanding time plan and various resources. However, the successful result in the end is the key for satisfaction and motivation both to an individual, and a team.

The process of getting to know the company ended by a walk through the Technology Road and the presentation of Ericsson Nikole Tesla contribution to Ericsson vision of the networked society.

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