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Prevention – the Best Cure Against Cancer

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Each year on February 4, we mark the World Cancer Day. The aim is to raise awareness on malignant diseases and point to methods of preventing, diagnosing and curing the disease, which is the cause of death of every 4th citizen in Croatia. Ericsson Nikola Tesla is already involved in the Ministry of Health National Prevention Programs (NPP).

The Ministry of Health in cooperation with the Croatian National Institute of Public Health, has been running a public health campaign “For Health. Today.“. The integral part of the campaign is the National Prevention Program (NPP) of early discovering breast cancer, colorectal cancer and cervical cancer, with the aim of reducing the number of cancer cases and deaths.  The campaign tries to reach as large number of citizens as possible, and motivate them to be active in preserving and improving their health, and encourage everyone to take the medical examination, when they receive the invitation for some of these three prevention programs.

Since the organization of carrying out the named programs is very complex, especially due to a large number of participants, it is extremely important to connect all the parties involved in this process. A part of data on performed preventive medical examinations, between Croatian Health Insurance Fund (HZZO) and County Institutes of Public Health, is already exchanged via a protected part of the portal of the Central Healthcare Information System (CEZIH) of the Republic of Croatia. However, according to good European practice experience, a quality IT solution would significantly improve the program implementation.

Reporting and Patient Portal

Ericsson Nikola Tesla is, as a technology partner and provider of CEZIH platform, included in NPP, through a development of reporting and business intelligence module and the portal for patients and integration. The reporting system purpose is to monitor the carrying out of prevention programs, so that the future system upgrades or business processes changes would improve the success of implementation, and reduce costs. 

Within the prevention programs framework, the patient portal, for the first time, includes patients themselves, in the Republic of Croatia Healthcare Information System. Thus, the patients will be able to see and change personal contact information (address, e-mail address and phone number) with the aim of a better response, choosing the way of inviting and filling in the questionnaires in an electronic form. This will, in the end, due to removing paper from the business process, reduce costs.

The Role of CEZIH

The entire NPP system is completely incorporated in CEZIH, and is additionally also linked to other health systems:  applications in general practice, in pharmacies, in outpatient specialist healthcare, in hospitals, with HZZO business system and the central system of the Booking List and eBooking. The existing communication mechanisms, such as eReferral and the corresponding answer, such as medical report, ePrescription or eBooking are used for data exchange. It is precisely that these existing communication mechanisms make the system open for future upgrade and improvement of business processes, such as electronic health record, in which the data on preventive medical examinations will also be shown. 

E-prescription availability in Europe

The best witness of ICT quality use in health care potential, is perhaps the latest Euro Health Consumer Index, which places Croatia at the very top in Europe, while at the same time, the prevention results significantly contribute the reduction of the total evaluation of Croatian health care system. Thus, it is important to use all the opportunities and the full potential of modern ICT solutions, which increase the life quality and show in practice how, nowadays, perhaps more than ever, is important to effectively prevent, so that the treatment would not be long, uncertain and expensive. Both for the patients and the entire health care system. 
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