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Development of One Stop Shop for JIS is Croatian Project of the Year

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Development of One Stop Shop for Joint Information System of Land Registry and Cadaster (JIS) by Ericsson Nikola Tesla won an expert’s award as Project of the Year. The award is given by the Croatian branch of the international Project Management Institute (PMI) and it aims to encourage the project management culture. The prestigious recognition was given to project manager Tihomir Čukman by PhD. Al Zeitoun, director of the PMI Management Board, who was also one of the main speakers in this year’s, three day long PMI Forum. PhD. Zeitoun pointed out on the occasion that the essence of project management is exactly in high-quality selection of associates, which in coordination “go in the same direction”.

Even though this project, worth slightly more than a half of a million euro, lasted only 11 months, in enables better, faster and simpler view of the data in the land registry and cadaster. This provides to users improved quality level and service provision rate. Now, all the citizens of the Republic of Croatia, for the first time, can see in one place the whole ownership structure of the real property and its location in space. Before, they had to use several different information sources. Instead of different work practice, in offices JIS central process handling is installed, which provides citizens with uniform handling practice. By this, the level of legal security is increased, and information delivery between cadaster and land registry offices is not paper-based, but electronic, which achieves savings in both time and financial resources.

JIS team
With the implementation of this system, citizen can obtain a land-registry extract with the status of public document from its own home, with just a click, regardless of the fact which institution is competent for the real property. Citizens not having computers and internet access, with the implementation of the project, can obtain the public document at a notary or attorney. With this, institutions are additionally disburdened, and are ready to respond to services, related to real property market. This makes this project important also for moving of the Croatia up the international “Doing business” scale.
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