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Opening of Ericsson Nikola Tesla’s office and contract signing with HT Mostar

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As an introduction to today’s official opening of Ericsson Nikola Tesla’s office in Mostar, the president of Ericsson Nikola Tesla, Gordana Kovačević, and Vilim Primorac, president of Management Board of HT Mostar, signed a new contract worth MHRK 11.

Vilim Primorac and Gordana KovačevićThe implementation of the contract of radio access network expansion starts immediately, which will enable better coverage, increased capacity, as well as increased data transfer speeds to end users of this operator from Bosnia and Herzegovina. On this occasion, Vilim Primorac stated: “I am happy that we continue good cooperation with our long-term partner Ericsson Nikola Tesla, improving the infrastructure of our network and thus providing a better quality of service to our end users. At the same time, we are creating real infrastructure prerequisites for an efficient implementation of the latest upcoming technologies and services, as well as for the much-needed digital transformation of our society.”

Ericsson Nikola Tesla’s office in MostarDuring the opening ceremony of Ericsson Nikola Tesla’s office in Mostar, and summarizing the impressions after the contract signing, Gordana Kovačević, MSc, highlighted she was pleased that HT Mostar once again selected Ericsson Nikola Tesla for the activities of further expansion and modernization of radio access network, and added: “I am proud of the trust our important existing business partners are placing in us, and I am sure that opening an office in Mostar will additionally strengthen our economic cooperation, create new opportunities, and encourage strengthening of cooperation with the local scientific community, which has been nurtured for many years through collaboration on many projects, including Summer Camp.

Newly employed young people in our officeI hope that newly employed young people in our office will use exceptional opportunities for professional development, which are presented to them by working in a competitive international business environment. Furthermore, I believe that knowledge, skills and dedication of our experts will contribute to technological and economic development, as well as improve the overall quality of life for all the residents of this area.”

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