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New Contract Signed with the State Geodetic Administration

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Ericsson Nikola Tesla and IGEA have signed a contract with the State Geodetic Administration (SGA) worth MHRK 8.8 (VAT excluded). The contract regards a service of developing an application solution and implementing a system of cadaster of infrastructure (HR-KI) and One Stop Shop.

S potpisivanja ugovoraSecuring the functionality of SGA as a one stop shop will enable to access and overview data regarding the existing physical infrastructure of operators of infrastructure and notifications of ongoing or planned construction works. This will lead to reducing costs caused by direct and indirect damages while performing works on the physical infrastructure, with the increase in efficiency of using the existing infrastructure and reducing costs and obstacles while performing new construction works.

The information system of the cadaster of infrastructure will enable to manage, store and distribute data of the cadaster of infrastructure for the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia, and in such way improve the availability and access to data for other public administration bodies, local governments, public companies and owners, i.e. operators of infrastructure, which will greatly impact efficiency, timeliness and quality of performing activities within their jurisdiction.

System implementation is planned in the following 22 months.

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