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Implementation of the state border control project

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Securitas Hrvatska d.o.o. and Ericsson Nikola Tesla d.d. along with KING ICT company as a subcontractor, participating in a consortium, have signed an agreement on the implementation of the project for setting up a “Stationary system for the control of state border with Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro” in the amount of over MHRK 28. These resources are co-financed by the Internal Security Fund (ISF) – Borders.

Implementation of this project represents a further establishment of stationary systems for the control of external land border, whose use so far has significantly increased the ability of an effective border control. After this project – which also represents a further step in the meeting of necessary requirements for joining the Schengen Area – is finished, efficiency, focus and the speed of reaction and action by police officers in cases of detecting illegal crossing of state border, i.e. the control of external land border, will increase even more.

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