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Over 200 participants, experts, lecturers and mentors dealing with entrepreneurship, innovations and technology in a variety of industries, participated in the third HACK IT DAYZ by Hrvatski Telekom.

The main topic was dedicated to the challenges of video communication in the near future. The winner was Emoji team with their solution which facilitates video communication between persons with hearing impairment and their interlocutors. Ericsson Nikola Tesla provided significant support to the organization of this successful event. Darko Huljenić, PhD, Director of Research at Ericsson Nikola Tesla, participated as a judge, and experts from the company Goran Kopčak and Hrvoje Kolarić performed the role of mentors. Moreover, the company contributed through our representative who took part in an interesting round-table discussion “5G for all”, which was dedicated to the application of this latest technology in the context of video communication.

The event covered a wide range of topics, and lectures were held by respectable entrepreneurs, managers, experts and artists: starting with the presentation by Luka Abrus, who advised future tech entrepreneurs, based on his own example, how to develop a profitable start-up and conduct business on an international market, up to the closing panel under the title “5G for all”. In the sea of interesting theories, the one proposed in the introductory lecture jumped out; majority of the present audience was surprised by the statement that ideas are completely worthless and only realization itself has true added value.
In the final panel discussion, which was dedicated to the application of 5G technology in the context of video communication, Nataša Malić, speaking from the position of a person responsible for access networks at Hrvatski Telekom, noted that it was very hard to demonstrate high-speed Internet to a wider audience and that ways of presentation were very important for the public to understand the usefulness and progressiveness of 5G. Boris Jukić, Head of TV & Multimedia Solutions at Ericsson Nikola Tesla, highlighted the advantage Croatia has in comparison to the countries in the region if we take into consideration that 5G data traffic here is actually achievable and feasible, which brings us comparative advantage.
All the presentations, discussions and suggested solutions which resulted from this exciting two-day meeting, however, point to the fact that the key to success and safe future is nevertheless in the hands of innovators who are aware that the purpose of technology is in its application in various business areas, improved quality of people’s lives and benefits for all.
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