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Last year we made an important step in strengthening our regional activities with the academia and positively influencing the wider community. As reported, we signed an Agreement on cooperation in the field of ICT in scientific research activities with the University of Mostar and HT Eronet, which created a quality formal framework for joint projects and initiatives. In view of the Agreement, representatives of our partners visited us at the beginning of February. The delegation included Professor Zoran Tomić, PhD, Rector of the University of Mostar, Vilim Primorac, president of the Management Board of HT ERONET, Professor Vlado Majstorović, PhD, Vice-Chancellor, Inter-University Cooperation, Professor Željko Stojkić, PhD, Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Computing and Electrical Engineering, and Tomislav Volarić, Head of IT center at the University of Mostar.

Zoran Tomić, Rector of the University, expressed his thanks for the opportunity to get better acquainted with the company’s business. He continued to outline areas of cooperation where there is the biggest interest and potential.
“The working meeting yielded joint ideas. A cooperation on project activities was agreed which will be further specified in the future. It is of special importance for the University that PhD Holders from Ericsson Nikola Tesla will give lectures to students of the University of Mostar, which will make the company a teaching center. Cooperation between our IT center and Ericsson in respect of the experience in the digitalization of elementary and high schools will be important.”

Vilim Primorac, president of the Management Board of HT ERONET, expressed his satisfaction with the strengthening of cooperation between the three partners. 
“I would like to once again use the opportunity to thank Ericsson Nikola Tesla for the support they have provided us with over many years. Owing to their support we have signed a great number of important contracts, launched many new projects to the mutual satisfaction. Being our vitally important partner, Ericsson Nikola Tesla gives its contribution to our company’s endeavors in putting a great deal of effort and positioning itself on the demanding telecommunications market. We are truly immensely proud of this cooperation. A society of excellence, knowledge and competence is our common goal. I am glad to be able to say that on this path that we follow together, we are now being accompanied by the University of Mostar.”

Gordana Kovačević, president of Ericsson Nikola Tesla:
“It is always a pleasure to enter into new cooperation agreements, which are nowadays extremely important in the creation of an ecosystem for the development and application of new technologies. Seeing as last year we opened an office in Mostar, we are extremely pleased with the fact that we can also intensify our cooperation with the scientific community and, in cooperation with HT Eronet, work on joint projects that will bring new technologies into the community and whose implementation will improve both the economy and life in the community. Joint projects are important to all three parties involved. They are primarily important because of the creation of new knowledge and inclusion of that knowledge in the education process, which automatically generates new prepared users for new technologies. I am looking forward to the implementation of our cooperation and the results of the first projects.”

Darko Huljenić, Director of Research at Ericsson Nikola Tesla:
“For some time, we have been providing the students from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Computing and Electrical Engineering with an opportunity to participate in our Summer Camp. Through the cooperation agreement and its implementation, we wish to additionally reinforce our regional interest; all the more so because this cooperation includes a local telecommunications operator, which provides us with opportunities to bring a direct benefit to the community even faster. Including students and professors into our joint projects certainly contributes to education, and through implemented projects we will show opportunities to those who choose to stay here and work in the community as well as for the community. We are pleased with every new cooperation because when we are together, we are stronger and can implement innovative ideas even faster.”

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