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Ericsson to switch on 5G globally in 2019

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MWC Barcelona, the world’s leading event in the world of mobile communications, gathered a great number of leading people in this area.

At this event which is aimed at journalists and analysts, Börje Ekholm, President and CEO of Ericsson, stressed the role of 5G as a critical national infrastructure, pointing out its benefits for the development of economy, as well as with regard to the offer of new possibilities to end users. Ericsson announced 5G deals with 10 service providers, as well as 42 memorandums of understanding, and is already rolling out 5G networks in the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Furthermore, Ericsson announced new deals. Ekholm said that with a complete, dynamic and flexible 5G portfolio, Ericsson has the resources and the capacity to meet a fast ramp-up of market demand as 5G is introduced globally, pointing out the following: “We are truly switching on 5G around the world in 2019.”

At this year’s event, Ericsson focused on 5G and Internet of Things, as well as new possibilities that are offered to the industry and end users. Due to its superior characteristics that are crucial to the functioning of connected devices, such as larger bandwidth, capacity, security, and lower latency, 5G will change many industrial processes, end users’ communication possibilities, as well as the society at large. Ericsson’s solutions enable an efficient evolution towards 5G with lower operational expenses and support 5G operation with LTE and Massive IoT technologies on the same equipment and same frequency bands. Major focus was on the efficiency of network performance, which is supported by automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Moreover, innovations and new business models were presented, which enable new sources of income to service providers.

Gordana Kovačević, MSc, president of Ericsson Nikola Tesla, participates in this important event with the company’s delegation and has had a series of meetings with the customers and partners. She spoke about the active role of the company’s experts in 5G: “As early as in March last year, we were the first in Croatia to demonstrate the possibilities of 5G technology, and shortly afterwards we supported key Croatian operators, HT and A1 Hrvatska, in their demonstration of this advanced technology. Our experts participate in a great number of projects related to 5G across the world, and part of this development takes place in the company’s Research and Development Center.”

At MWC Barcelona, a Swisscom network optimization project was presented, in which a key part was played by experts from our company; the results of P3 network test, have shown that this is one of the best networks in the world. Moreover, a team of experts from the company’s Research and Development Center that participates in the development of a software-defined infrastructure, which is crucial for the virtualization of network functions, cloud, and 5G, for this event built a demo which shows new features that will enable further optimization of SDI Manager, Ericsson’s tool for this area. Ericsson Nikola Tesla’s experts also participate in the presentation of key aspects of mobile network evolution towards 5G and IoT on the Ericsson City Model.

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