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Barcelona Unboxed– the presentation of cutting-edge technology at Ericsson Nikola Tesla

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Following the world premiere of Ericsson’s latest Research & Development achievements in the field of 5G at MWC2019 Barcelona, the time has come for a presentation in Croatia. Ericsson is a leader in 5G technology with 18 signed contracts with telecom operators around the world. We have recently reported on the launch of the first European commercial 5G network that has been achieved through collaboration of Ericsson and Swisscom. 5G is already in Europe and Ericsson Nikola Tesla whose experts participate in the development of this latest generation of mobile technology and its diverse applications, demonstrates in Croatia, using concrete examples, how latest technology transforms not only communication networks, but industries and the society as well.

In a unique event entitled Barcelona Unboxed, company experts present the highlights from this global fair of innovative technology that has, over the years and resulting from technology developments, broadened its focus from the telecom to the whole of ICT industry. A series of sessions taking place this week for the press, partners and customers from the operator segment and from the industry and the public sector, including education, organized in the company’s headquarters, presents new opportunities and use cases that 5G enables. 

Demos are divided into the following categories: network evolution, advanced analytics, critical communications, smart city solutions, industry 4.0, application of mobile networks and cloud solutions to autonomous systems and the ultimate user experience, including mixed reality.  Each of the segments has several demos so that, among other, we can witness what Christmas will look like in Amazon warehouse with 5G, how cost-savings and product quality can be improved in the course of production by using digital twins, how 5G will enrich visitor experiences in sports arenas and what it will enable, what the transport infrastructure will look like in smart cities or how media content usage will be transformed. The first session for the members of the press was held on Tuesday, and the event will close with the session for employees on Friday. The added value of this event is the opportunity to get an insight into the development of applications and technology in which Ericsson Nikola Tesla’s experts take an active part, which means that visitors can see the contribution of Croatian knowledge to the global technological development.

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