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Robots are coming

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The second international ICT Society Forum, organized by the Institute for European and Globalization Studies in collaboration with the French institute Laboratoire d’Ingénierie des Systèmes de Versailles (LISV), was held at Ericsson Nikola Tesla’s location in Osijek. The theme “The Robots are coming. The Influence of Robotization on Economy and Social Changes” gathered participants who are actively engaged in the creation of the digital society in different areas; businessmen and experts, representatives from the academia and public administration.

Attractive content was covered through a series of presentations and panels, starting from the fact how education reform and tax reliefs can develop the ICT sector up to various aspects of ICT and its impact on the society and the development of the Republic of Croatia.

In the introductory part, a series of speakers from Croatia, France and Slovenia addressed the audience. Among them was Gordana Kovačević, MSc, president of Ericsson Nikola Tesla, and Anđelko Milardović, PhD, founder of the Institute for European and Globalization Studies.

Gordana Kovačević, on behalf of the host Ericsson Nikola Tesla – the regional ICT leader – welcomed the participants and emphasized the importance of the impact the technology has on the economy and the society. “ICT empowers people, industries and the society to reach their full potential. The ultimate goal of ICT solutions that we create with our own resources and in collaboration with the colleagues from global Ericsson is to improve people’s lives and bring prosperity to the society, whether it is about enabling the first phone call, directing the industry towards digital infrastructure and Internet of Things or artificial intelligence innovations.” Kovačević also mentioned Ericsson Nikola Tesla’s solutions which already significantly make the lives of citizens easier and improve efficiency of the system: “We are especially proud of our contribution to Croatia’s e-Health system, with a focus on e-Prescription, which makes us recognizable on an international level as well as the project of Joint Information System for Land Registry and Cadaster. By developing and implementing such solutions we remain the responsible driver of positive change in the society. Globally recognizable innovativeness and the quality of our work is the result of the competences of our employees who are highly educated experts and are continuously broadening their knowledge. They do not only follow, but also participate in the global technological development.” While speaking of robotization, Kovačević added: “Human intelligence develops artificial intelligence as an ideal coworker for easier orientation in an increasingly complex world. The robots are already here, and their arrival makes our lives easier and helps us to further develop our creativity.”

Lectures were held about various aspects of robotization, vision of the future with cyber creatures, industrial robots and smart factories, as were presentations on socio-economic changes in relation to innovations, robotics and the future of the youth in the Industry 4.0 and panels about the Fourth industrial revolution and companies’ experience when it comes to robotics and the development of Croatia in the field of robotics. Darko Huljenić, PhD, Director of Research at Ericsson Nikola Tesla, participated in a panel discussion “Adjustment to Changes in Croatia: Education, Jobs and Careers”, which attracted special attention.

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