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19th edition of Ericsson Nikola Tesla's Summer Camp closes

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The ceremony that gathered representatives of partner academic institutions, participating students and mentors marked the closing of the 19th edition of Ericsson Nikola Tesla's Summer Camp.

This year's closure gathering was less formal due to comprehensive works currently under way in the company as a part of the EU co-funded energy efficiency project. The program host, also the lead and one of the initiators of the Summer Camp, Darko Huljenić, PhD, passed on congratulations from the  company President, Gordana Kovačević, MSc who highlighted that Summer Camp is very important to the company because it is pivotal for our contribution to education and development of ICT industry experts who will shape our world in decades to come. Mr. Huljenić continued with a brief history of the Camp and provided key information on this year's edition. Fifty-four students participated, 13 of whom from ERASMUS++ project BENEFIT in which our company is the industry partner. The international character of the Summer Camp established a while ago was once again reflected in participation of students from countries in the region. In line with our diversity promotion agenda and an active interest in attracting a larger number of girls into the ICT industry, this year’s number of female participants was also significant. As usual, project themes were informed by global technology development trends and students, mentored by university and company colleagues, worked on projects concerning 5G Radio Access, Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Robotics and IoT.  Combined with their work on technology projects, students also worked on their soft skills by engaging in workshops focused on presentation skills and teamwork. The program also put the scientific research and innovation into a wider context by familiarization with the concept of Responsible Research and Innovation and the impact of technology on achieving of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The accompanying social activities included bowling and table tennis among other. 

At the closing ceremony, on behalf of the Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing of the University of Zagreb, Maja Matijašević, PhD, addressed the audience reflecting on the 60 years tradition of strategic cooperation between our company and the Faculty and pointing out that the Summer Camp is an opportunity for students to see how they can contribute to society. The Dean of FERIT from Osijek, Drago Žagar, PhD, stressed that the idea of student practice reached its full implementation with the Summer Camp. Students Daniela Žal from PMF in Split and Josip Uršan from FERIT in Osijek shared their own experience and final assessment of their participation this year. 
Daniela highlighted the wow factor present when she discovered how useful her knowledge from the faculty proved to be and Josip emphasized that he would recommend the Summer Camp to all students.  The academician Ignac Lovrek also addressed the gathering and noted that the Summer Camp is the best local idea when it comes to cooperation between education and business.

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