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Ericsson Nikola Tesla wins CSR Index for responsible environmental management

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At the annual conference on corporate social responsibility, CSR Index awards were officially presented for the 12th consecutive time. Organized by the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development (HR PSOR) and the Croatian Chamber of Economy (HGK), and in the presence of numerous renowned guests, the awards were presented to companies for the best CSR achievements. The companies were awarded in nine categories, and more than a hundred companies entered the competition this year.

CSR Index is a method of assessing social responsibility of companies in Croatia. The method is based on a ranking system that enables an objective assessment of socially responsible practices in companies and a comparison with the practices employed by others.

This year Ericsson Nikola Tesla won the award for responsible policies and practices in environmental management.

CSR Index awards
Receiving the award, Gordana Kovačević, the Company’s president, thanked the organizers for another valuable recognition, this time in the category of responsible policies and practices in environmental management. In her speech, she highlighted: “Each year, Ericsson Nikola Tesla receives a recognition in one of the categories, which proves that our efforts and engagement have been recognized, and that the company holds high standards in all areas of social responsibility and sustainability, and has a positive impact on people, business, and society. I am happy that this year the jury recognized our good practice and positive impact on the environment. There are numerous projects through which we confirm our leadership in this area; from being the only company in Croatia that calculated its CO2 footprint, to the biggest project of increasing energy efficiency co-financed by the EU, which is currently ongoing, and also to continuously raising awareness among our employees and all our stakeholders on the need to protect and preserve the environment.

Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, Gordan Grlić Radman, commended the efforts of HR PSOR and HGK to contribute to a more efficient realization of sustainable development goals within the Agenda 2030 through concrete activities.

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