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Ericsson Nikola Tesla Day in Osijek

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It has been just over a year since the opening of our office in the heart of Slavonia. Ericsson Nikola Tesla Day in Osijek was, therefore, an excellent opportunity to show the local public how this R&D center works and what is done there.

In addition to representatives of the City of Osijek, the academia, economic operators and the media, numerous students from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology (FERIT) and the Department of Mathematics, University of Josip Juraj Strossmayer, as well as Osijek high school students (potential future students of these faculties) seized the opportunity to visit our site in Osijek.

In this relatively short time, the team from Osijek made a significant contribution to the company’s business. The experts have shown a high level of knowledge and, what is equally important, readiness for future improvement, as well as motivation and commitment. They have fit perfectly in the team consisting of more than 3200 experts in Ericsson Nikola Tesla Group, by adopting advanced ways of working and an innovative company culture, which have both been cherished and developed in the company for decades. On an equal basis with their colleagues from Zagreb and Split, they work on the development of state-of-the-art solutions for the global market and cooperate with teams from around the world.

Gordana Kovačević, president of Ericsson Nikola Tesla, reminded the gathered audience about the recently held 70th anniversary of the company’s business and its contribution to the creation of the latest technology trends: “Regardless of various challenges and changes that were ahead of us, we knew how to adapt owing to the quality and innovativeness of our experts as well as leadership. This has helped us to endure and develop. I am happy that a great number of students are with us today and we wish to tell them that in our R&D center, the largest one in Croatia, they can achieve their full professional potential. Due to an active role in the development of technologies, they can both be world citizens and stay in Slavonia.”

Ericsson Nikola Tesla has had full support from the City of Osijek in the process of opening this office, as it does today. “We strongly applaud the strengthening of cooperation with FERIT and the announced opening of the laboratory where students will be able to receive practical knowledge. Ericsson Nikola Tesla’s activities are in line with the effort put in by the City of Osijek, which is to contribute to a further development of ICT not only in our city but also on globally by connecting all stakeholders,” said Deputy Mayor Boris Piližota.

Milan Živković, Director of Strategy and Development, spoke about an important prerequisite for development, which is 5G technology. He pointed out that 5G is not merely another generation of mobile telephony. It is a platform which will enable organizations to enter new markets and build new revenue streams with radically new business models and use cases, including IoT applications. With this type of digitalization, all industries will achieve growth.

At the moment, Ericsson has 23 implemented 5G networks on four continents and is the leader in the number of patents and innovations in this area. Drago Holub, Manager of Network Development, and Ante Ugrina, Head of Wireline and Legacy, spoke about experts from Ericsson Nikola Tesla’s Research and Development Center who are working on their development. Over the last several years, we have employed more than 500 people, which demonstrates that Croatian experts are wanted in the development of 5G network.

In order to present these technologies as vividly as possible, there were several demo stands. Barbara Pavelić Grbić, Mićo Dujak and Damir Tomić demonstrated some of the solutions in the field of augmented reality (AR) and smart traffic. Andrej Gregurić indicated trends in working with Big Data and artificial intelligence (AI), with the support from Darko Huljenić, Director of Research.

Solution development is not possible without skilled people. Therefore, the company undertakes various activities and programs to attract the best talents as well as works to keep them content. Petra Merkaš pointed out that any group of people, be it students or managers, is approached in a comprehensive way so that all aspects of an employee’s needs and expectations can be covered, with the final aim to remain an employer of choice.

Our colleagues from Osijek Marina Simunić and Denis Bešić, together with Vinko Staković, Site Manager at Osijek, agreed that the fact that the company takes care of its employees, from their first day of work until today, has helped the team in Osijek to feel satisfied and work efficiently.

All the visitors were able to find out more in an informal atmosphere, socializing and visiting demo stands, which was especially appealing to the young fellow citizens.

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