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Gordana Kovačević receives award

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At the 9th international “Women in Business” conference, Lider business weekly and Bisnode company presented the list of most powerful women in Croatian business. Gordana Kovačević, president of Ericsson Nikola Tesla, has for many years been on the list of most influential women and named the most powerful woman in Croatian business for four consecutive years. This year, the jury therefore presented Gordana Kovačević with a special award for the overall contribution to Croatian economy.

Manuela Tašler, Deputy Editor-in-Chief at Lider weekly, said on behalf of the jury: “We are particularly grateful for her strong public engagement in promoting excellence in business, promoting high standards, integrity and ethics in the society. Moreover, we are grateful for everything she has done to popularize STEM careers, especially among young women. To many of them she has become a permanent role model.” 

In addition to the official winner’s announcement ceremony, a great number of highly respectable representatives of domestic and global business community and public life discussed the ongoing topics such as the rights, position, interests and demands that are addressed by businesswomen. In a panel of most powerful women in Croatian business, Gordana Kovačević expressed her thanks for the award and said:
“It gives me great pleasure to be in the company of my female colleagues, who by their own example, in performing challenging duties in their companies every day, prove that women leaders are courageous and capable. I believe that we all have in common qualities such as perseverance and commitment, regardless of the industry in which we work and the position we hold. 
I would like to tell young people that they should choose their career path using not only their head but also their heart. If they do not love their job and do not have passion for what they do, the hard days will be even harder and the goal will be even further. You should work not to meet someone else’s but your own expectations. You should do good for the interest of a wider community and should not avoid assuming responsibility. Responsibility is an obligation, but also motivation. I personally approach everything in my life as a challenge which encourages me to become - in the words of an engineer - a better version of myself. I set a goal, surround myself with quality people, give my best and work hard until the end.  While I work, I learn and grow. I find contentment in numerous small steps I have to take to get to the finish line and I enjoy in the process of creating. And in such cases, one will always achieve results. In the results, I find the strength to continue. I believe in a more equal society of the future. If my results, way of working and leading teams and organizations manage to motivate and empower at least one young person, I have justified this award and the honor I was awarded.”

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