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Ericsson Nikola Tesla donates to ill children and homeless people

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In the year marking its 70th anniversary of doing business, Ericsson Nikola Tesla donates HRK 361,140 towards seriously ill children and soup kitchen users.

As a result of the humanitarian relief action “Company donates, you choose” on social media, a donation amounting to HRK 301,140 has been allocated to:

  • Hematology and Oncology Department of the Pediatric Clinic of the Clinical Hospital in Osijek
  • ­Children’s Oncology Rebro Trust
  • Hematology and Oncology Division „Dr. Mladen Ćepulić“at the Children’s Hospital Zagreb
  • Hematology, Oncology, Clinical Immunology and Genetics Division of the Children’s Hospital in Split

Further HRK60,000 has been directed to the benefit of users of soup kitchens in Zagreb, Split, Osijek and Vukovar. Employees also engaged in the humanitarian relief action organized at the company’s headquarters in which they personally donated food and Christmas gifts for
St Joseph’s Soup Kitchen in Zagreb.
Ericsson Nikola Tesla, as a leading regional ICT company with a strong awareness of its impact on society and related responsibility, will continue to assist communities in which it operates and create preconditions for better living and sustainable development in the future. 

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