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Ericsson Nikola Tesla and A1 Hrvatska sign a new five-year agreement

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• ENT in the next 5 years continues to be the supplier of the radio part of the mobile network A1 Hrvatska • Continuation of strategic cooperation in the 5G area as well • New opportunities for Croatian economy, and the overall society

By signing a new five-year frame agreement, Ericsson Nikola Tesla and A1 Hrvatska continue a long-term successful cooperation. Based on this agreement, Ericsson Nikola Tesla has remained the supplier of the radio part of A1 Hrvatska’s mobile network.

Gordana Kovačević and Miroslav Kantolić

Gordana Kovačević, president of Ericsson Nikola Tesla, expressed her satisfaction with the signed agreement and highlighted a great importance of strategic cooperation with A1 Hrvatska that has been ongoing for 22 years, i.e. since this innovative operator entered Croatian market: “A1 Hrvatska is one of Croatia's key operators also due to our successful cooperation that has always been characterized by the introduction of new solutions and creativity in implementing modern technologies. In the network of A1 Hrvatska, we will introduce globally recognized Ericsson’s products from the radio access network domain.
This will upgrade our strategic partner’s mobile network and enable the providing of new services and functionalities based on 5G technology, which is also a platform for a strong digital transformation of the entire society.“

Tomislav Makar and Jiří DvorjančanskýJiří Dvorjančanský, President of the Management Board of A1 Hrvatska, explained the importance of cooperation at this crucial moment for the digitalization of Croatia: “Thanks to the strategic partnership between A1 Hrvatska and Ericsson Nikola Tesla, we have been ensuring the best experience of connectivity and technological innovation on the domestic market. A1 Hrvatska is facing a significant investment cycle in 5G technology, which will secure the necessary support for economic recovery and the development of a digital society. Investment dynamics will depend on the conditions of the 5G auction, which we expect to stimulate the development and creation of a positive investment climate. We remain committed to the digitalization of Croatia by building the most modern infrastructure which will facilitate the 4th industrial revolution. I am pleased that we are building a better future together.”

Miroslav Kantolić, Ericsson Nikola Tesla Director of Sales & Marketing A1 Hrvatska, commented: “I am pleased that we are continuing our successful cooperation by signing an agreement on further development of radio access network. The competence of our experts, in addition to significant effort and excellent teamwork with the experts from A1 Hrvatska are a guarantee that we will justify the trust we were granted and successfully conquer this challenge. The strength of Ericsson's 5G portfolio has recently also been confirmed by Gartner Report that recognized Ericsson as a leader for 5G network infrastructure for communications service providers. New 5G network will provide an open platform for innovation and a range of new business opportunities in various industries.”

Tomislav Makar, Senior Technology and Information Technologies Director of A1 Hrvatska, emphasized the importance of the strategic partnership: “By signing the contract, we have provided our customers with the most modern and secure radio access technology. The highest quality standards in the development of 5G infrastructure will support advanced user experiences and the implementation of extra high-capacity networks at the national level. New capacities will be built upon 4G technology and all existing base station equipment will be upgraded to 5G technology. We were the first to display gigabit speeds and minimal latency on commercial devices, and recently implemented the first test usage of the 700MHz frequency band in Croatia on the 5G network. All this proves that A1 experts are ready to build the most modern network with colleagues from Ericsson Nikola Tesla. We are on the verge of incredible possibilities and opportunities for the Croatian economy and society.”

Key achievements of our cooperation:

In July 1999, A1 Hrvatska (former “Vipnet”) entered Croatian market as the first private mobile GSM (2G) operator, with Ericsson Nikola Tesla as a strategic partner. Due to this cooperation, as early as 2004 the first commercial 3G network in Croatia was launched, and in March 2012, the first commercial LTE (4G) network, as well.

Continuous care about the environment and sustainable development has been in the focus of both companies’ business performance, and therefore A1 Hrvatska appreciates the value of Ericsson's 5G portfolio, which is the energy most efficient one in the market. The results of cooperation of these two companies on “green solutions“ have been previously recognized at an international level. In 2014 in London, they were also awarded by a prestigious recognition - Global Telecom Business Award for the implementation of PSI system that saves energy used by base stations. 

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