Company History


Founding of "Nikola Tesla"

The telephone devices factory “Nikola Tesla” was founded on October 31,1949. Since that day, a “service workshop for installation and maintenance of telegraph and telephone devices” that mainly dealt with the equipment repair, started to operate as a production enterprise.

Transformation and privatization

Activities concerning Nikola Tesla transformation and privatization started in 1992 and ended in 1995.The Croatian Fund for Privatization and Ericsson signed an Agreement on selling 49.07 percent of Nikola Tesla shares in March 1995.

Product Development

Continuous technological changes in the telecommunications segment were going on in parallel to the development of new products; from “step by step” exchanges, crossbar and digital systems up to “production of knowledge”.

Company Leaders in Brief

Here are some images and brief information about Company Leaders, who also took part in creating what Ericsson Nikola Tesla is today, the leading Croatian supplier of information and telecommunication solutions.

Buildings Tell History
From the location in Palmotićeva street 82, that was inappropriate for a larger scale industry development, the production was relocated to a new premises at Krapinska street.

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