The contest for Ericsson Nikola Tesla Summer Workshop in 2017

Ericsson Nikola Tesla Summer Workshop titled “Summer Camp 2017” will be held in the following weeks: July 10– 21 and Aug. 21 – Sept. 9 2017

The contest is opened for students who are either the final year undergraduates or graduates from the electrical engineering and computing studies. In addition, the applicants can come from some other study programs that cover skills and competences in software development (such as Natural Sciences-Mathematics).

Any additional questions can be submitted via the sites at Facebook. You can also contact us by e-mail to the address:

About the workshop:

The Summer Camp offers the opportunity to gain experience in research and development under the guidance of specialists both from the industry and faculties. The duration of a workshop is 5 weeks, and it will be held in Ericsson Nikola Tesla premises. All students shall be prepared for participation by following instructions of a mentor. When a workshop is ended the achieved results shall be documented. The expected results of the participation in a workshop cover software, documentation and a technical report in English and the presentation on the final day. For their work, students will be paid fees amounting to HRK 500 a week. All works selected at the workshop will be invited to participate at the annual award contest organized by  Ericsson Nikola Tesla. The best works will be prepared for publishing at professional and scientific gathering.

Application procedure

Applications shall be submitted by March 26th, 2017, to the following e-mail address:

The contest is open for students of the final year undergraduate and the graduate  ICT studies  and Computing, as well.

CV, to be enclosed to the application, shall be filled in as given in the template (in PDF format).

Notice on Acceptance of an application

Students applied for the Summer Camp will be duly informed about the outcome by  April 28th 2017, at the latest.


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