Technology Road Virtual Tour

Use the attached QR code to download the application TR-ENT (Technology Road–Ericsson Nikola Tesla) to your mobile device and then focus your camera towards the pictures, which will enable you to take a virtual tour through Ericsson Nikola Tesla Technology Road.

Communication changes our lifestyle and business. In the Networked Society, connectivity will be the foundation for new ways of collaborating and socializing. It will enable freedom, strengthen and transform the economy and the society as a whole, and support finding the solutions for some of the greatest challenges our planet is facing. Ericsson Nikola Tesla shares Ericsson vision of the Networked Society, in which everything that can benefit from being connected will soon be connected. Through an interesting, short walk, get introduced with the advanced solutions, created here in Croatia, as well as with the future, that is already waiting for us, just around the corner.

Using the QR code from the cover, or browser on your mobile device, download the application TR-ENT (Technology Road–Ericsson Nikola Tesla) from the address: Alternatively, you can browse through Google Play, i.e. Apple Store, by name TR-ENT.
After application is downloaded, start it by focusing the camera towards the pictures attached in the chapters Virtual Tour Intro, Joint Information System of Land Registry and Cadastre or e/m- Health and take a tour along the Ericsson Nikola Tesla Technology Road.

We are looking forward to your visit. Welcome!


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