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4G promoted at Mostar Fair

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The 22nd International Business Fair Mostar 2019 gathered exhibitors from around thirty countries from all over the world. During the five-day event (April 9 – 13), the greatest interest of the media and the public was given to the official opening of the Fair and the promotion of 4G networks in Bosnia and Herzegovina, after the operators were issued the long-awaited licenses to introduce 4G mobile communications, just a day before the Fair’s opening.

This, traditionally the most important economic event in Bosnia and Herzegovina, attracts participants from almost every industry and numerous countries. Ericsson Nikola Tesla’s exhibition stand was prominent for its look and contents, thus attracting numerous visitors, media representatives, including national television broadcasters, as well as the official protocol delegation that was welcomed by Milan Živković, Director of Strategy and Business Development, who briefly presented the Company’s solutions. Darko Horvat, Minister of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts, was especially interested in the presentation of Croatian companies, and showed interest in our Smart Cities portfolio.
An excellent attendance of the press conference at the stand of HT ERONET, where a symbolic launch of 4G network was held, was also important for the Company. On this occasion, Vilim Primorac, president of the Management Board of HT ERONET, stated: “I am very happy that our long-term partner, Ericsson Nikola Tesla, is accompanying us in all this, and assists us to be the leader in technology in the domestic telecom sector.  The equipment on which we are launching 4G network is already 5G-ready. There are further serious investments and a lot of work ahead of us, and by today’s act, a serious digital transformation of society at large begins.”

At the end of the conference, Boris Jukić, Head of Media Solutions at Ericsson Nikola Tesla, presented one of the applications of 4G network, focused on the ultimate user experience of advanced services in virtual reality, such as Live 360 VR Streaming, through which the users, by using VR Headset, can experience watching, for example, a sports event or a concert, as if they were attending the event.

On the second day of the Fair, an international conference “Economy – a key factor for the development of society” was held, gathering numerous businessmen from Bosnia and Herzegovina and neighboring countries, as well as representatives of cities and universities. In the part dedicated to society’s digital transformation, in an auditorium filled to capacity, our expert, Ingrid Kolarović-Idžojtić, held a well-received introductory speech.

A lot of media attention was given to an innovative smart city model on which a lot of real-life use cases were implemented. To realistically present possible solutions for fast growing challenges in the organization of urban environments, a team of Company’s experts has interconnected, in a single horizontal IoT platform, several functional systems that detect various events and forward them to the corresponding public services, and in this way improve people’s lives and create additional value for society at large.

Considering the latest entertainment trends, and the way in which augmented reality enables a new level of playing video games, by using recent technologies the company has offered visitors to have their own comprehensive experience of playing the role of a Jedi Knight. The long queues in which the visitors waited to get their own few minutes to experience this, best confirm how interesting this solution is. The solution with low latency and high throughput, has shown in an interesting way how the upcoming 5G technology opens enormous possibilities for industry and user scenarios in numerous, various areas.

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