• Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), was a brilliant visionary mind , a researcher and a scientist of a world reputation in the electrical engineering. Not many people did so much in natural sciences of the 20th century as he did. Our Company is proud to bear the name of this man so great in a segment of energy transfer and telecommunications.
  • Today, 40 percent of the mobile traffic worldwide is connected via Ericsson networks. The belief of L. M. Ericsson, the “Father” of this global telecommunications company, that communication is one of the basic human needs, and that possibilities to communicate should be available to all, turned into our reality. L.M. Ericsson opened a new era of communication.
  • The telephone devices factory “Nikola Tesla” was founded on October 31, 1949. Since that day, a “service workshop for installation and maintenance of telegraph and telephone devices” that mainly dealt with the equipment repair, started to operate as a production enterprise.

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