Relations with the media

Through long-term work and by cherishing a partnership with the journalists from over 40 printing media, radio and TV stations in Croatia, Ericsson Nikola Tesla now has considerable coverage in Croatian media. In permanent contacts, talks and meetings with journalists and through training for journalists the company informs of new technological possibilities and advantages of communication systems and makes the journalists familiar with the company vision, mission, its policies and ways of working. We maintain regular contacts with journalists which are not necessarily related to a particular event, contract or similar.

Partnership also implies that journalists can rely on always being provided with reliable, well-prepared and quick information on diverse issues from Ericsson Nikola Tesla, especially when this is of interest to the press. The communication specialists at ETK work systematically not only with journalists, but also with managers and experts in various organizational units of the company, thus developing their awareness of the necessity to work with the media in order to reach our common goal – a positive image of ETK in the public.

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