Summer Camp

Due to uncertain circumstances and limited possibilities of gathering, as well as all other changed circumstances in our life and business caused by COVID-19 pandemic, Ericsson Nikola Tesla's Summer Camp will not be held this year.

Ericsson Nikola Tesla Summer Camp is a summer workshop, targeted mainly at senior students of electrical engineering and computing. Students spent 5 weeks in the camp, working in real conditions/industrial environment, and dealing with challenges, which are everyday things to their older colleagues, engineers working at Ericsson Nikola Tesla.

The camp attendees are expected to reach a solution of the given problem, assisted by mentors and throughout team work, and all in due time. Problems given, i.e. topics, related to solution making, (in a form of a prototype), which are later on presented to Customers, implemented in our products, serve for further research, and different tools for internal use, thus enabling the company employees to work faster and better. All the projects, with the exception of a team work, are followed up by the project organization, which includes planning and monitoring the activities. Students also fill in weekly questionnaires, through which student satisfaction and motivation is followed, and serves as a promotion basis. In last few years, the projects become more and more multidisciplinary, engaging students beyond the initial set of students of electrical engineering and computing.


Ericsson Nikola Tesla Summer Camp was launched in 2001, as a joint project, resulted from a long term collaboration between Ericsson Nikola Tesla and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing of the University of Zagreb. Over the years, the Camp has been constantly improved and adapted to the Company’s and attendees’ requirements. Since 2008, the Company has  constantly collaborated with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture of the University of Split. In the years that followed, Ericsson Nikola Tesla Summer Camp became an international Camp (students and mentors also coming from abroad) and the list of Institution the Company collaborates with is getting longer. Apart from the Croatian institutions (Zagreb, Split, Rijeka and Osijek) the universities from neighboring countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Montenegro, Serbia) also take active part. Throughout all of its years of existence, the Camp was attended by hundreds of top students, who realized hundreds of projects with the support of the company's mentors and the institutions, the company collaborates with. 

The quality of collaboration with students, potential future company employees, and the Summer Camp projects itself, was confirmed by the Golden Index Awards for the Summer Camp project. In addition, the students evaluated the company as the one  with the best image. Ericsson Nikola Tesla was also granted the Golden Prix in the category of large companies, as the company with the most Golden Indexes won. The Company won the Golden Index Award several years in a row, and the satisfaction is even greater as the decision was made by the students themselves, i.e. the commission consisting of the University of Zagreb student associations, at the initiative of the eSTUDENT association.

Benefits for Students, Company and Society as a Whole

Throughout the Summer Camp, the students gain experiences of working in a real industrial environment, they develop their knowledge (technical as well as a non-technical – team work, oral presentation), meet new acquaintances and acquire valuable work experience, which they can list in their CVs. Moreover, University of Zagreb students, who participate in the Summer Camp, are granted 7 ECTS credits. Participating in the Summer Camp served as the basis to many students for writing papers, which were awarded in different competitions and levels (The Rector’s Award, for example), as well as for writing their final and diploma papers.
Students work with institutions, which maintain and improve the collaboration with the industry and raise the quality of their final product – a qualified and expert engineer.
Through the Summer Camp, Ericsson Nikola Tesla attracts new talents, top students of their generation, solves some of the everyday hot topics and everyday work challenges and realizes valuable prototypes, which it uses to test technology and present to potential customers.

How to Apply

Every year in spring(usually in April), Ericsson Nikola Tesla through institutions, the Company’s partners in the project, invites students to apply for participation in the Summer Camp. The conditions and the application process is described in detail in the competition itself.

Please continue to follow us and apply in 2021 when we will announce a new competition.

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