Ericsson Nikola Tesla Summer Camp

Ericsson Nikola Tesla Summer Camp is intended for students who want to apply their knowledge and gain new experience working on the challenges that modern industry faces. During five weeks at the company's locations in Zagreb, Split and Osijek, students work on projects that solve various challenges with the help of modern technology.

What can students expect at the Ericsson Nikola Tesla Summer Camp? 

By participating in the Ericsson Nikola Tesla Summer Camp, students, with the help of excellent mentors, gain the experience of paid work in a real industrial environment, expand their knowledge (technical as well as non-technical, such as teamwork, presentation skills, etc.), network with their future colleagues and gain valuable experience.  During our Summer Camp, motivated students solve current challenges and we help them find answers to questions concerning modern technology and its application, we offer the experience of working with modern technologies, which prepares participants for easier integration into the labor market. 

Many students used their work during the Camp as a basis for writing papers that were awarded at various competitions and levels (e.g. Rector's Award) and for the preparation of bachelor and master theses. 
Selected works from the Summer Camp will be included in the competition for the annual Ericsson Nikola Tesla awards. The best papers will be prepared for and published at professional and scientific conferences.  
The company project organization plans and supervises the implementation of work activities on projects and we also monitor the satisfaction and motivation of students through weekly surveys which help us improve this program.
In the last few years, the projects were mostly multidisciplinary so everyone who likes challenges can contribute to solving the problem.

What do we expect from students?

We expect the students to find the answer to the given challenge with the help of a mentor, through teamwork and in the allotted time, create software, documentation and a technical report in English and present their work on the final day.
This year's theme is Digital Transformation in Action: How Data is Changing Our World. Seize the opportunity to discover new value in a digital world where data is key – collect, analyze, model, find new value and show the value of data in a secure and meaningful way.

How can I apply?

Every spring, Ericsson Nikola Tesla publishes a call for student applications for the Ericsson Nikola Tesla Summer Camp together with the institutions it cooperates with.  The conditions and application procedure are described in detail in the call for applications. This year, you can apply until May 4.

Why the Ericsson Nikola Tesla Summer Camp?

Since its inception, the Ericsson Nikola Tesla Summer Camp has been an excellent example of synergy between the industry and the academic community, which is one of the prerequisites for the sustainable development of society as a whole. By cooperating with academic institutions through this project, we contribute to raising the quality of education and therefore to raising the competitiveness of the Croatian economy.
Through this activity, educational institutions with which we cooperate maintain and improve cooperation with the industry and raise the quality of their teaching process, which contributes to the formation of quality and competent engineers. 

The start and evolution of our Summer Camp

Ericsson Nikola Tesla Summer Camp was founded in 2001 as a joint project and result of long-term successful cooperation between the company Ericsson Nikola Tesla and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing of the University of Zagreb. Over the years, we have been constantly improving and transforming our Summer Camp to meet the needs of the company and its participants. Since 2008, the company has been also cooperating with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture of the University of Split. Cooperation with universities has become international over the years, so with the participation of foreign students and mentors, Summer Camp has become international too. The list of institutions we cooperate with is constantly expanding, and in addition to the Croatian ones in Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, Varaždin, Pula and Osijek, it also includes universities from neighboring countries such as Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Montenegro, etc. Since its beginning, Summer Camp has been attended by almost 900 of top students who have successfully realized hundreds of projects with the support of mentors from companies and institutions with which Ericsson Nikola Tesla cooperates.


The quality of this project was recognized by the Golden Index Award for the best image of the project according to students' opinion. In addition, Ericsson Nikola Tesla, as the company with the most Gold Index Awards, was awarded the Grand Prix for large companies. The company has won the Golden Index for several years in a row, and its significance is all the greater because the decision was made by the students themselves, i.e. a committee made up of student associations of the University of Zagreb following the initiative of the eSTUDENT association. We are extremely proud to be recognized in this way and that this recognition comes directly from students, our potential employees who will work with us for a better future.  

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