Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility

Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility

Ericsson Nikola Tesla, as an associated member of Ericsson Corporation, participates in the creation of new worldwide communication trends and, together with all other Ericsson Nikola Tesla Group members, sets an example of a socially responsible enterprise in Croatia and other countries it operates in.

Led by the principle of responsibility in all segments of its operations and in relations with all stakeholders, Ericsson Nikola Tesla Group believes that social responsibility helps the Company build esteem, ensures employee motivation and satisfaction, as well as wider social acceptance, increases competitiveness and enables faster growth of the Company in the long run. With this in mind, we keep emphasizing that along with financial responsibility, companies should have a high awareness of their social responsibility towards the community and sustainable development. However, companies should also have a clear strategy of operational development and a leading position in their scope of activity and must also take care of their employees, shareholders, customers, partners, suppliers, as well as product and service users. In such a business chain everyone, including product and service suppliers, importers, producers, as well as customers and users, should act in the same manner and take into consideration the environmental impact of a product during its life cycle.

With this in mind, a long-term outlook, competitiveness and business excellence in everything we do are the basic preconditions on which the operations of every company should be based. Only a company that is successful in this way and is responsible towards all stakeholders, can be equally responsible towards the community in which it operates.


Antonija Lončar
Director Marketing, Communications and CSR
tel: + 385 1 365 4473

Zdenka Hrabar
Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Manager
Tel.: + 385 1 365 4055


Environmental responsibility

We care about the environment, save energy and improve our business and life.

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